G Plus is IGF’s new music programme. It aims to give a new dimension to the (classical) guitar, adding something to what already exists. This means mostly helping to create new work but can also mean the involvement of the guitar in unfamiliar or unusual contexts or collaboration, using electronics and so on.

IGF has commissioned or helped commission over 70 new works for guitar, guitar in ensemble and guitar concertos in the past ten years, placing its commissioning programme at the forefront in Europe. For full list please click here.

G Plus Ensemble, directed by IGF’s Artistic Director Tom Kerstens places the guitar in an ensemble context playing new music using amplification and occasional special effects.

Tom Kerstens’ G Plus Ensemble recorded its debut album ‘Utopia’ at the invitation of Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records label.

G Plus Ensemble’s line-up of two guitars, strings and percussion produces a ravishing, magical sound which finds its basis in the unique combination of the guitars’ quickly decaying plucked sounds, the sustained bowed string sound, a wide range of vibraphone, marimba and other percussion sounds and the absence of the inevitably dominant piano.

The music is especially conceived for the ensemble and involves two leading UK based composers; Joby Talbot and John Metcalfe, both equally at home in the worlds of classical concert music, cinema & TV and rock & pop.

Joby Talbot and John Metcalfe have roots in a variety of musical background and have written music which dares simply to be itself without reference to hackneyed ‘cross-over’ or disjoined pick ‘n’ mix concepts. The music here is expressive, individual, at ties mesmerizing and unclassifiable. It wants to be heard on its own terms, we hope by a large audience across the classical, pop, jazz, world and rock genres.